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Events for Digital Fashion Fans

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Although there's still a lack of virtual fashion events out there, there are plenty of conferences and festivals dedicated to related topics such as NFTs, digital art and more.

Below you'll find a link to all major fashion weeks' websites, summits focused on NFTs and crypto, important game cons, and all sorts of other festivals, gatherings and meetups that could be relevant to consumers and creators of virtual fashion.

I'll be updating the list periodically as more cool events come to my attention.

In alphabetical order:

AIBC Summit

A serious conference about all types of emerging tech, held in four regions around the globe annually.

CDC Annual Conference

This annual conference is hosted by King College London's Centre for Digital Culture. 2021's topic was "The Digital State: Technology and Governance in Pandemic Times."


Needs no introduction. Nerd Mecca.


China (and Southeast Asia's) most important gaming conference.

Crypto Fashion Week / The Meta Gala

This is THE digital fashion event to know. For the first edition in September 2021, avatar models walked (and hovered) their way down a dreamy, M.C. Escher-inspired catwalk, which floated amongst the clouds of the metaverse. All of the avatars were wearing virtual looks that could never be replicated or worn IRL.

Digital Fashion Week NYC

Taking place February 10 - 13 2022, this seems to be an event that will be held annually. 2022's theme: "NFT Edition"


An event celebrating "art, music and technology" in the metaverse. Sponsored by Metapurse, which according to the Dreamverse website is the largest NFT fund in the world.


Another big gaming conference held in Los Angeles every year.

Fashion Weeks with Virtual Elements

Pretty much all of the world's major fashion weeks experimented with digital events during the pandemic. Designers were "forced" to show their collections online, the fashion week viewer base was democratized, and more shows became available to a broader swath of society.

Since that accessibility has its obvious advantages, many designers and fashion weeks will no doubt continue to show at least a portion of their (physical) collections online in the future.


Europe's largest gaming conference, held in Cologne, Germany annually.

GDC - Game Developers Conference

The biggest game dev event in the industry. More relevant for game makers than game players.


The biggest, shiniest NFT conference out there. "Crypto Coachella". A whole lotta 'yikes' and 'this is cool' rolled into one splashy event. Yacht raves included.

RealTime Conference

An event on 'real-time technologies'. Event taking place December 2021 had multiple panels/discussions on digital fashion in the Metaverse.

Reference Festival

Hosted by Reference Studios in Berlin, this festival brings together creatives from across multiple artistic disciplines, with a focus on our digital world.

STRP Festival

Festival dedicated to the digital arts. From their website: "STRP wants to set up an open dialogue with the public, artists, designers, media makers and thinkers about the relationship between people, experimental technology, society and the future."

Tokyo Game Show

Japan's biggest gaming conference.


A festival dedicated to digital arts and culture. "transmediale creates a space for critical reflection on cultural transformation from a post-digital perspective."

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